Assignment 4, 141B

Assignment 4

In this assignment, you'll combine the assignment 3 data set with nutrition data from the USDA Food Composition Databases. The CSV file fresh.csv contains the fresh fruits and vegetables data you extracted in assignment 3.

The USDA Food Composition Databases have a documented web API that returns data in JSON format . You need a key in order to use the API. Only 1000 requests are allowed per hour, so it would be a good idea to use caching more ...

Assignment 3, 141B

Assignment 3

The US Department of Agriculture publishes price estimates for fruits and vegetables online. The most recent estimates are based on a 2013 survey of US retail stores.

The estimates are provided as a collection of MS Excel files, with one file per fruit or vegetable. The file contains the fruit and vegetable files in the directories fruit more ...

Assignment 2, 141B

Assignment 2

Part 1: Image Processing Basics

Computers use tiny dots called pixels to display images. Each pixel is stored as an array of numbers that represent color intensities.

Example. In an 8-bit grayscale image, each pixel is a single number. The number represents light intensity ranging from black (0) to white (255).

more ...